A successful advertising campaign involves selecting the proper message and content, the target audience, the right venue for the ad placement and expressive ad design that helps the reader recognize the company and product advertised.

Ad Design

The best creative design communicates your message, products and services and also induces a call to action. A combination of tried-and-true artistic elements, trendy and current graphic techniques, concise and lucid copy and material that fit the audience – conservative when appropriate to avant garde when the situation calls for it – are strategized and executed to achieve your goals.

We’ll discuss with you approaches that work and draw upon your experience as well as our own, to end with a finished product that will work for you. We examine the audience, the niche and what you want to and need to accomplish. Then we check out your competition and see what they are doing. Finally, we keep abreast of the current and hot techniques and trends in advertising and develop ads for you that work. If conservative and traditional approaches are what you need, we will deliver them. If cutting-edge, edgy and dynamic ads will help you achieve your goals, that is what Three Marketiers will design for you.

Ad and Media Placement

Three Marketiers can also help you reach your target audiences through our advertising and media placement services.

Whether in consumer magazines, industry magazines, yellow page ads, billboards or website banners and links, Three Marketiers will create the right message and get you the positions you need to get your message across.

Before placing your ads we will help you identify your target market and research print advertisement prices to find the ones that best suit your budget and audience.

Remember that simply placing an ad in a magazine is not the sole factor in success. Advertising success often is influenced by position, size, color, bleeds, ad content and focus, message, images and the call to action. We will help you make those decisions and design what you need for top effectiveness, then place the media where, when and how it will achieve the best results.

Once we have identified your target market, together we will determine which publications your customers will see the most. We will talk to your sales staff and industry professionals and combine your expertise with ours to find the best fits.

Our professional knowledge and experience can help you make the right buys at the right time.

Call Three Marketiers today and let’s get started making you the best media placement buys for your company’s success.

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