Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and Flyers
Brochures, Flyers, Folders and Trade Ads are considered by many to be old school. They are still a powerful marketing tool because they are cost effective and they work. Their strongest attributes are visual appeal, deliverability, and shelf life.

If you want to improve your business performance, consider designing a printed brochure, a digital brochure or flyer. Either way, if a print or digital campaign is part of your business strategy, Three Marketiers can creatively, effectively and efficiently help you make that happen. From postcard mailers to one-sheet flyers to tri-fold marketing presentations to comprehensive multi-page capabilities brochures, Three Marketiers creates, designs, prints and ships your marketing tools to you quickly and efficiently while keeping your corporate identity theme intact.


A capabilities brochure puts all of your organization’s abilities into one comprehensive, easy-to-read document. And this far-reaching tool can be as small as a simple 8.5 x 11-inch tri-fold, or as large as a 48+-page booklet. This type of marketing vehicle can be mailed to interested customers and prospects, handed out at trade shows, put on display with suppliers or customers, or used in dozens of other scenarios.  A capabilities brochure goes into detail and shows your audience what you do, how you do it and why your approach and your products and services are better that those of your competitors. Your company logo, your icons, your mission statement, contact numbers, procedures, quality control, products, vehicles and resources, qualifications, capacities, history, client list and any other pertinent information can all be addressed in a clean, crisp, professional manner.


With tri-folds, one sheets and postcards, Three Marketiers maintains your corporate identity and marketing campaign’s consistency in appearance. We design our products for you so that each page works in concert with the pages around it or as a standalone to best portray quality and uniformity while becoming a versatile document that can be copied by your audience into short segments they can reference for future buys.


Folders serve many purposes and Three Marketiers will design them to take advantage of the possibilities. While they can house the documents inside, they become as much a part of your marketing or public relations thrust as the items within. If the folder becomes separated from the internal inclusions, it can stand alone as a marketing tool that can, by itself, increase your market share and give the viewer the proper contact information.


Trade Ads are an important resource, whether publishing for manufacturers, distributors or any product or service company, industry publications, organization events or trade shows. Three Marketiers will utilize your corporate identity and merge it with what will be the most effective message to your targeted audience. And if you have ever considered exploring the benefits of digital brochures, flyers or ads, Three Marketiers can help you with that. View Digital Magazines Sections and see how Three Marketiers can bring you interactive marketing with its digital capabilities.

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