Interactive Ads for Immediate Sales

Interactive advertising occurs when companies or services use online or offline interactive media to communicate with consumers and to promote products, brands, services, and public service announcements, corporate or political groups.

Interactive advertising has been defined as the “paid and unpaid presentation and promotion of products, services and ideas by an identified sponsor through mediated means involving mutual action between consumers and producers.” This is most commonly performed through the internet; often through the use of an ad server that can deliver a variety of interactive advertising units.

Interactive ads have a positive effect on the segment of consumers that prefer to see and read ads on the web or via links. Many tablet owners tap on ads to explore them further, and 70% would like the ability to click to buy directly in the magazine or format on which they saw the ad or banner. The editing options available in digital magazines make effects like this possible, and give you the power to influence the most influential readers.

Digital magazines are a direct way to gain access to the most influential consumers and expand your reach through interactive and engaging elements that entice the reader to tap, buy and share. One company that produces digital magazines for Business-to-Business opportunities to reach business targets and customers is Three Marketiers.

The goals of interactive advertising are similar to traditional objectives of advertising, and that is: sell a product or services. This in turn means that many of the traditional elements of advertising impact and effectiveness remain relevant, even within the scope of interactive media. However, interactive advertising also has some properties that expand the range of potential objectives and that improve advertising effectiveness. Interactive advertising also has the potential to decrease the losses associated with poorly coordinated advertising, to reduce the difficulties commonly encountered in clearly communicating an advertising message and to help overcome new product hurdles.

As advertisements can be classified into such categories as product/service, public service announcement, issue, corporate and political, interactive advertising in these areas can interact with the user’s motives to influence outcomes, or consumer responses, reinforcing the need for interactive advertising as a means of persuading potential consumers and target audiences.

Using the Internet as the main medium for interactive advertising to study the methods, types and outcomes, we can then sound out the different user or advertiser controlled aspects.

Various aspects of internet advertising are under the control of the advertiser. Most of these variables include structural elements, such as ad types, formats and features. This does not mean that consumers never control the structure of the interactive ads. Banner Ads, sponsorship, hyperlinks and non-carrier websites are examples of advertiser controlled interactive advertising.

You can bring a reader directly to your website or information page, transport them to a sales sheet or show them a full-blown video or commercial. We have found that interactive ads make for immediate sales. Have you discovered similar results? Are there capabilities and successes associated with digital interactive ads that you can share? Or are you or your company interested in producing a digital magazine to reach your customers or targets? Email us at to share your comments.

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Promotional Products: Functional, Memorable and On Budget

A major benefit of Promotional Products is that they can be mass produced or be made in limited quantities to best accomplish your company’s goals. They can fit easily into any advertising budget and can be unique or standard, useful and functional or stand-out and ornamental, high-ticket or inexpensive. Promotional products and advertising specialties can work by themselves or in conjunction with other advertising efforts and can be directed at individual target audiences to increase effectiveness of all of your advertising and promotional efforts. These Promotional Products can reach your customers or target customers regionally or nationwide.

On a calendar, recipients will be exposed to your message 3 to 6 times per day.  Working with the figure of 3 times daily, 365 days per year, there would be 1095 impressions.  Dividing this figure into a $3-calendar brings the cpi to .002 cents.

Put your logo or message on mugs – messages on a coffee mug will be seen as often as 10 times a day according to a recent study.

Imprinted with your company logo, Promotional Products spotlight your company brand. In addition to your product, your company reputation and your pricing, one thing that helps promote your image and increases your sales is your company logo and your use of it. Three Marketiers can help you get the promotional products you need, emblazoned with your company logo, product information, and inspirational messages or virtually anything you can dream of to accomplish the task at hand.

Promotional Products are effective and efficient in the following:

  • Announcing new products or services
  • Generating sales leads and increasing response to marketing materials
  • Building new relationships and nailing down that appointment
  • Reinforcing or cementing relationships
  • Creating awareness of your company, message, products or services
  • Marketing your company logo
  • Turning golf outings into a promotion for your company
  • Making trade shows increase your business and entice prospects to your booth
  • Motivating your dealers, distributors and employees
  • Rewarding your employees or reps for their performance
  • Showing your customers you appreciate them and building customer loyalty
  • Increasing your store traffic and sales
  • Reinforcing your corporate image with classy and stylish items
  • Increasing fundraising donations
  • Creating goodwill
  • Celebrating grand openings
  • Becoming the lynchpins of sales contests
  • Showing team spirit with corporate wearables
  • Promoting high technology
  • Heralding safety programs
  • Taking center stage at ribbon cutting ceremonies

Do you need logo items that can work for you 24/7/365 across the country? Let Three Marketiers get them for you. Do you have an annual meeting or conference planned? How about polo shirts or T-Shirts with your company name, logo and slogan on it? And of course, there are myriad give-aways your customers, clients and employees want to take home with them. How would you like to be at an event in which everyone on site wore YOUR colors and YOUR logo and website?

Good for all year long, promotional items are a good way to remember your customers with holiday gifts that provide them with information, your website and contact numbers.

Do your contacts play golf? Golf balls and wood-covers with YOUR company logo and message on them will keep your products in front of your clients at play, so they will remember you at work.

Specializing in customer service, Three Marketiers helps you solve all of your promotional product and advertising specialty problems.

We will help you design your items and programs or just get you the best quality at the best prices.


Given the nation’s variable weather and climate changes, your customers will be grateful when you give them an imprinted shirt or hat.  From classy embroidered shirts to classic silk screened shirts, your customers will be walking billboards as they wear your logo. Now available are popular attractive promotional and functional apparel items: golf shirts, sweatshirts, windshirts, hats and baseball caps, jackets, coats, scarves, socks and gloves. The most popular promotional apparel is the T-shirt, and your customers will proudly wear your logo on an imprinted T-shirt.  When it rains, an umbrella with your logo on it will keep your customers dry … the items are endless … give Three Marketiers a call and put your logo on your customers with a shirt or hat.


All people love awards and so do companies who are your customers. An award is a great way to create customer pride.  And if you want to motivate your employees, awards are a wonderful ways to recognize outstanding work. Three Marketiers has hundreds of custom awards and plaques.  Custom awards will make your employees happy and will help make your customers loyal and feel respected.

Bags and Totes

Sports venues, museums, historical attractions, parks and shopping malls are the perfect place to show off logo printed bags, and residents and visitors in all cities enjoy countless other attractions carrying bags and totes. Bike paths and hiking trails are perfect for backpacks and totes that carry YOUR logo. That makes bags and totes of all kinds, a popular and useful give-away or sales item imprinted with your business logo or specialty. Your customers and prospects will carry your business logo with them on useful totes, handbags, carry bags and duffel bags made from canvas, leather or durable plastics. These promotional bags and totes will be used time and time again and your business name and logo will be seen year-round by your customers and by those who see it. Now your company contact information, slogan, message and logo will be taken on business trips, to resorts, to attractions and on shopping trips.


All of your customers and prospects use calendars every day and having your company name, message and contact information on a calendar will keep your locations and products in front of your customers and prospects all year long. Businesses can now give their customers the gift that helps them and helps them remember YOU. We can custom design your calendars or put your company in a popular design at low prices. And if you take advantage of Three Marketiers’ early bird ordering, you can purchase custom-designed wall calendars, desk calendars and planners with your company name, contact numbers and product lines at an even lower cost, and remain in front of your customers 365 days a year. You can order calendars and planners in 4-color, 2-color, black and white, extra colors, with or without pictures and with all the information you need your customers to see. With formats from 12 to 18 months, it is the perfect gift to give your customers at any time throughout the year.


Imagine your customers serving their friends using a mug or cup with your logo.  This quality promotional drinkware includes travel mugs, coffee cups, etched glass, stadium cups and printed glassware. Now businesses can get their company logo in the hands of their customers and clients as they take a refreshing drink from a mug or cup. And don’t forget water bottles. With hundreds of miles of recreation trails, bike trails and hiking trails, your customers will thankfully quench their thirst thanks to YOU and your logo-printed water bottles.

Golf Balls and Accessories

Golf is a popular activity for leisure, entertainment and for conducting business. Golf is also a great way to get your company logo in front of customers and the community. Golf balls and accessories are the perfect gift for your customers and the perfect give-aways for your next local golf tournament. Your customers and all golfers will be happy to play with golf balls or golf club covers with your logo on them. Make an impact on players and spectators at your next local golf tournament or expand your target customers throughout your market area by displaying your logo at other golf courses. With your logo imprinted on a golf ball you can outdrive your competition. Let your customers tee up to sales with logo golf tees, or let them carry a towel with your logo on it as they prepare for the hole in one.

Office Items

Whether at the office or at home, all of your customers need numerous imprinted office items including pads, paper, dispensers, mouse pads, flash drives, rulers, business card holders, clocks and sticky notes. Your clients and prospects will see your name on our comprehensive array of imprinted office items. Your name and business will be in front of business owners, on their desks every day. Your customers will be talking about you when their offices are filled with items imprinted with your logo.


We all need pens. We never have enough of them. People are always running out of pens, always need more and are always happy to receive them and see what is printed on them. Now you can help your customers and put your logo and contact information in your customers’ hands with pens and writing instruments from Three Marketiers. Select inexpensive pen and pencil sets in high-quality wood or plastic for mass give-aways, upscale executive sets, sterling silver or gold luxury sets, or oversize or specially produced pens or pencils for your top customers, clients or promotional displays. Customers can choose their own colors, custom colors, or go with white or black lettering, logos and slogans. Put your company information in their hands as they order YOUR products or services.

Personal Care

Customers tend to do business with businesses that care. Your customers will know YOU care when you send them a personal care item that has YOUR logo on it. Your customers will use that imprinted hand sanitizer or first aid kit that has YOUR logo and they will remember you for caring about them. Give your customers toothpaste, shampoo, sugarless gum, hand cleaner, facial tissue or any personal care item and they will remember you.

School Items

All parents love free school items, and their kids will show off your business as they take promotional items to school that they can really use. Parents in your target area will thank you for the school items.  Three Marketiers can also provide school boosters with items to sell.  Selling imprinted school items is a great way for school boosters to raise money.

Trade Shows

Whether you are attending a local trade show, or one elsewhere, imprinted give-aways are your key to marketing success and name recognition.  Make your trade show display count as you give away something useful to potential customers. If you are looking for something ordinary or something extraordinary to put in the hands of your customers, Three Marketiers will find the trade show give-away item that is designed to increase your business. Three Marketiers can supply you with everything you need for a successful trade show:  display signs, table cloths and unforgettable give-aways.  Watch them take home your company literature in an imprinted tote bag; or send them back to their offices with your logo printed, silk screened, etched or embroidered on your memorable trade show give-away.

Browse Catalogs

And there are more items. If it can be worn, used, shown, stared at or imagined, we can put your logo on it and you can make your presence felt all around your business area.

Browse through out catalogs on this website, or call Three Marketiers today to talk to your personal sales professional or to receive a catalog.

Virtual Samples

Would you like to see what you are ordering and creating before the item goes into production and before your customers see it? Three Marketiers can provide you with a virtual image of the item and email it back to you for your approval. A virtual sample is an image of the product with your logo or information on it, true to scale and appearance.

And if you need more from your full-service marketing firm, Three Marketiers has comprehensive capabilities.

Contact us today and let Three Marketiers help you get YOUR message across.


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Trade Show Marketing: The Right Item for the Right Audience

Trade shows are an important part of industry marketing, promotion and public relations, and trade show give-aways can be powerful promotional tools when used properly. Business-to-business marketers invest more money on trade shows than any other marketing medium.  That’s because trade shows give greater access and influence on buyers that cannot be replicated anywhere else, and when displaying at trade shows, you can maximize your effectiveness by handing out thoughtful specialty items. Its effectiveness does not rely solely on the recipient – as a matter of fact, much of its success is dependent on you – the giver. The right branded promotional product will attract attention, engage booth visitors, facilitate recall after the show and provide easy-to-access contact information when it’s time to make a buying decision.

Regarding the right items to choose … you should not see the give-aways as objects without value or contribution to your trade show success. Understand it as an opportunity to build rapport with your guests!

Don’t expect too much. Give-aways have a latent value – in other words, don’t expect a quick return on investment immediately. Give-aways make guests feels special and so the next time you hold another trade show, they’ll be there – just like old friends. In addition, give-aways are effective ways to produce and retain repeat buyers so don’t you feel bad about it!

Choose the right item for the trade show audience and consider what the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) discovered about trade shows:

  • 88% of attendees have not been seen by a member of your company’s sales staff in the preceding 12 months
  • 7 out of 10 attendees plan to buy one or more products
  • 76% asked for quotes and 26% signed purchase orders (average all shows)
  • 72% of show visitors say the show influenced their buying decision
  • 87% of attendees will share some of the information obtained at an exhibition
  • 64% of attendees tell at least 6 other people about the event
  • 58% attend only the show in which you are exhibiting
  • 40% are first-time attendees

It costs 22% less to contact a potential buyer at a show than it does through traditional field sales calls. While trade shows are worthwhile, they are not easy.  To get the most out of trade shows, exhibit marketers set measurable objectives, pick good shows, design effective exhibits, and more.

With more than 13,000 trade shows, conferences, expositions, private and business-to-business events in North America, featuring 1.5 million exhibiting companies vying for the attention of over 80 million attendees, it can be quite an ordeal to select where your efforts are best spent. Your selection process is important so you may choose to select the shows you want to exhibit at only after you have set your trade show objectives.

Then look at the trade shows in your industry and carefully weigh the options.  Talk to your fellow employees and industry contacts — what shows have worked in the past? Where do sales people see the customer’s needs leaning?  Look at who is going to be there.  Talk to your current and prospective customers — is this a show they will be attending?

Then consider your trade show give-aways. As the average trade show has more than 400 exhibitors, where the average attendee will visit about 21 exhibits, you can stand out and attract more visitors with top-notch promotions. Some industry experts believe you can increase your trade show lead counts by 33% with good trade show promotions and promotional products.

Just be sure to pick promotions that bring in your desired target audience, not just anyone at the show.  And don’t just give things away – get information about prospects in exchange that will help you qualify and prioritize your leads. When choosing your trade show give-away, consider the following:

Make certain your give-away is more than just a novelty. Make sure it has perceived value and/or function.  The item should support your company’s primary marketing message. For example, if you’re selling computer-related products a branded USB flash drive, mouse pad or screen cleaner is ideal. If you’re in the health care industry hand sanitizer, a wellness calendar or health informational guide ties in seamlessly with your market.

Make certain the item fills a practical need for booth visitors. Toys may be fun and attract attention but they offer limited value. The value of novelty items is short-lived and when the fun wears off, the items will be tossed or forgotten. A stainless water bottle, mug or calendar will follow recipients to their homes and offices and promote your message long after the trade show.

Don’t put all of your promotional eggs in one basket. Possibly give one item to a hot prospect or customer and another to a cold lead. You want to offer something of value to each person who visits your booth, but not every visitor will turn into a qualified lead. Consider rewarding your true customers and qualified leads a high-quality thermos, leather portfolio or branded cap. Other booth visitors can receive lower-cost items, like a t-shirt, pen or magnet.

Finally, make certain that your company logo, contact information, slogan and/or goods and services provided can be read on your give-away. That will endow long-lasting value to your give-away. The goal of your give-away is to continually advertise your company to your customers and prospects. Make it as easy as possible for them to get in touch with you when a need arises.

Trade show give-aways are an investment in your long-term success. When incorporated into your overall marketing strategy they can increase booth traffic, qualify leads and communicate your message long after the convention hall lights are turned off.


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Digital Editions: Gaining Access to Influential Consumers

Digital editions make up less than 2 percent of total magazine circulation, but their numbers are growing at a rapidly expanding pace. During the six-month reporting period that ended June 30, 2012, the number of digital editions more than doubled compared to the previous year, going from 2 million to 5.4 million, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. And indications are that this is the tip of the iceberg.

While traditional magazines still face some hurdles in this arena, the ability to utilize custom magazines, brochures and flyers are limitless, as these items can be placed on websites and links can be embedded in emails, texts and blasts for immediate target market saturation.

Industry leaders believe that over the next five years there will be a dramatic rise in digital magazine adoption and sales, to the point where the value of the digital part of the magazine industry-including digital magazines, websites, apps, and all digital ads-will overtake the print part of the industry by 2020. Once again, that is mainstream magazines, with B2B, and custom Corporate, Group or Trade Magazines gaining even more steam and positioning for stronger results for those who publish and utilize their digital publications by specifically targeting who sees them.

The main quality of a digital edition is that it can be created for various classes of digital platforms — the PC, e-reading devices, smart TV, etc.

On a smartphone or a tablet, people want to interact with the content differently than with a printed magazine. They want interactivity and other immediately engaging functionality that most publishers have not developed or are taking too long to do so. Digital magazines and user-friendly or interactive items within the digital platform make this possible. Visitors can click on an ad, a link, an article or image and be transported immediately to a website that imparts additional information or interaction capabilities such as ordering products, goods or services. That makes the digital magazine, brochure or flyer a potential point of purchase.

A key question for media buyers and planners when advertising in or creating a hard copy printed magazine is: How are you proving that readers are engaging with my ad? It is easier to prove on a digital platform because you can get data on views and click-throughs. But in print, it is more difficult to track.

Additionally, the audience members you reach with a digital version are valuable cutting-edge interacters. Tablet owners are influencers and early adopters. They talk to friends on- and offline about what they find interesting, and buy new products when they are released. Match their demographics with the interactivity of emagazines, and you have the ideal channel to capture the attention of this important group of consumers.

Editorial content can be enriched to include engaging media elements. Digital versions can send readers to a website, or if a video or animated element is included, the content visually pleasing, dynamic and more hard-hitting … how about putting a video ad in your digital magazine or brochure in place of the static hard copy ad in a printed publication?

Interactive ads also have a positive effect on this segment of consumers. Many tablet owners tap on ads to explore them further, and 70% would like the ability to click to buy directly in the magazine. The editing options available in digital magazines make effects like this possible, and give you the power to influence the most influential readers.

Digital magazines are a direct way to gain access to the most influential consumers and expand your reach through interactive and engaging elements that entice the reader to tap, buy and share.

Call Three Marketiers today and learn how to begin digitally publishing your own custom magazine, flyer or brochure.

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Trade Magazines: Positioning Your Company as an Industry Expert

Trade and B2B magazines are specific to a certain target market and can deliver the pertinent information, goods, services, pricing, news or information directly where it intended and directly where it will do the most good – in the hands of customers, prospective customers or investors. Trade magazines can be used as a vehicle to work behind the scenes and get your message across without putting your name all over the material.

Unlike general interest consumer publications, Trade publications already have an established niche audience and produce corresponding subject matter for that target audience. Therefore, trade publications can cover an industry in more detail than mainstream consumer publications can.

The end objective of reaching a focused demographic is to reach an audience that has the appropriate category purchasing behavior for the advertisers or sponsor of the magazine.

Although Trade magazines maintain a specialized focus, they offer an extensive range of useful and accurate information regarding a certain industry. Trade magazines publish specialized content on various topics including: the latest industry news, noteworthy case studies and research, educational surveys and statistics, special reports, opinion and feature articles and in-depth discussions of new developments and practices within a field.

A unique feature that separates Trade magazines from other consumer-based publications is their tendency to operate under what is called “controlled circulation,” as opposed to paid subscription. Controlled circulation means that the publishers of trade journals will often send out issues free of charge to qualified individuals within an industry. Additionally, numerous trade publications are also often included with memberships in professional industry organizations.

Trade magazines present considerable benefits for both individuals and businesses that cannot otherwise be found in major mass media publications. The primary value of trade publications: they are a certified and trusted source of information, they are the largest industry-specific advertising marketplace for products and services and they provide a system of networking and communication among industry members and organizations.

Another advantage of Trade magazines is their ability to act as the advertising marketplace for all goods and services within an industry. Trade journals offer advertisers a high level of certainty their target audiences will receive their advertisements.

  • Trade publications deliver a very focused and selective professional demographic in their audience.
  • The primary readers of trade publications are middle and senior management who exercise a great deal of purchasing behavior in appropriate product categories.
  • The ability of advertisers to get a good return on their advertisement investment is influenced, of course, by the effectiveness of the ad, but probably even more significantly by how smart the media placements are for the ad. Trade magazines in a specifically targeted market provide an opportunity for a positive ROI.
  • Trade publications typically deliver reader audiences that not only are very focused on professional demographics but has the professional behavior relevant to appropriate advertisers.

The ROI of a media investment by an advertiser can be evaluated by understanding the likely odds of generating a favorable action from a target audience in comparison with the cost to reach that target. The likely positive ROI performance of trade magazines is a result of the high concentration of purchasing power among the magazine audiences. The advertiser does not pay for browsers who have limited or no interest in the advertised products. When evaluated on a cost per thousands (CPM) reach basis against the target B2B purchase makers/influencers, no medium can compare to trade publications.

In this way, Trade magazines benefit both a sponsoring company who underwrites the Trade magazine, and vendors and advertisers who put their message in the publication. It is a targeted win-win for both involved.

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Group Magazines Engage Members, the Public, Vendors and Investors

The concept of a buying group goes back to the 1800s and generally, buying groups are entities created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective bargaining power of the group’s members. There is power in numbers and a group magazine that illustrates the strengths and programs of the group can increase the sales of those vendors, and market the group, its values and its programs.

Group purchasing is used in many industries to purchase raw materials and supplies, and it is common practice in the grocery industry, health care, industrial manufacturing, electronics and agricultural industries. In recent years, group purchasing has begun to take root in the nonprofit community. Group purchasing amongst nonprofits is still relatively new, but is quickly becoming commonplace as nonprofits aim to find ways to reduce overhead expenses. In the healthcare field, GPOs have most commonly been accessed by acute-care organizations, but nonprofit Community Clinics and Health Centers throughout the U.S. have also been engaging in group purchasing.

The goal is to level the playing field for the members and it is about teamwork, not rivalry. Members join groups to help themselves and their industry and improve the bottom line for all.

A Group magazine gets that word out to prospective members, the public, vendors and investors. When that magazine also involves vendors, either with advertising or purchase programs, the vendor benefits by increased sales – the reason they have made their products available to the group at discounted prices – and the members benefit by being made aware of the products and services at hand.

When such a magazine can be created, written, designed, printed, distributed and converted to digital format at a low cost to the group, or even at a profit, which can be accomplished in certain circumstances by working through Three Marketiers Publishing, then it is a huge win-win for the group, its members and its vendors.

Call us TODAY and we can fully explain how you can benefit from a Group magazine produced by Three Marketiers. Don’t delay … your profits can begin and your sales can increase as soon as the project is completed.


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