Choosing a Boutique Marketing Firm Over a Larger One

Boutique used to mean a small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories. Now the term has expanded to include a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele. The term “boutique” also now applies to marketing, public relations and advertising companies that are smaller, deliver more personalized campaigns and are more cost-effective than larger agencies. The term can also be used to define different aspects of marketing in different respects. In advertising, a boutique agency is often characterized by its attention to the creative end of advertisements. Focusing further, in the creative niche, such an agency is thought to concentrate on a limited client list while providing specialized and personalized service and approaches.

In the past, the trend for companies in need of marketing expertise, was to go to one of the “big boys”. But in today’s fast-paced, trend-setting, social marketing and new-school marketing world, the industry is trending away from traditional tactics, such as billboards and commercials, to much more unique and cutting-edge strategies like Twitter campaigns and grassroots events. Print is still a big player, but electronic media is making strong inroads. It is these daily quick-reaction campaigns that lend themselves to boutique agencies and their reactive small teams. niche knowledge and personalized attention to each client’s distinctive needs. The key to a boutique marketing agency’s success is its ability to adapt and make quick changes to correspond to a quick-changing marketplace, or to think outside the box and deliver new means of reaching and attracting target buyers for the company they are campaigning for. Where a larger team often requires multiple levels of creation and approval, a smaller team can work directly with the client and deliver more quickly for faster results on the campaign.

In addition, with a smaller firm, the client has more flexibility to pick and choose which services they really want, rather than to be on the hook for things they don’t want or feel they need.

Three Marketiers is a boutique agency and if you check out our website: you can see what we do and why we do it.

As an overview:

We believe that every client is alike in only one way … they each have their own unique marketing challenges. Our purpose is to define and overcome those challenges by creating solutions that work.

Serving our clients for a quarter-century, our in-house marketing team provides a comprehensive line-up of services. This allows us to control each project in a manner that produces on-target, on-time, and on-budget results. The limited number of specialized, outsourced professionals that we use are time-tested, with outstanding track records, which ensures consistent performance.

Three Marketiers is a boutique shop that focuses on the client and their specific needs, from individual print material to full-blown marketing campaigns to digital and social media integration. We can integrate web print, digital and promotional products using our staff of  artists and writers. On the promotional side, we don’t outsource … our staff is full-time and we are dedicated to you.

Three Marketiers is not a high-priced New York or Chicago agency, paying for high-rent Madison Avenue, Wacker Drive or Michigan Avenue addresses. We bring our clients sophistication, contemporary, old-school and cutting-edge ideas and approaches for value. You get more bang for your buck with Three Marketiers.

Whether your needs are for a small quantity of advertising specialty items, a tri-fold flyer, a full capabilities brochure, or a quality printed corporate magazine with an online digital application, you can expect and will receive the service level commensurate with that of a seasoned marketing team.

We Listen. We Process. We Create … For 25 years we have provided a spectrum of marketing services that our clients employ adjunct to their internal marketing capabilities, on an as-needed basis. Our longevity is a tribute to the success of our clients.

For more information or for your next advertising campaign, a personalized trade magazine or even your next single ad or ad buy, contact us today at 301-791-6555 ext. 102.