Corporate ID and Logos

Corporate ID and Logos
Corporate Identity is a means by which the company is recognized by the public and its marketplace. Corporate ID includes such items as logo design, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, truck decals, the colors used on company products, uniforms and promotions, and even includes the look and feel of its ads and collateral material.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s imperative to establish corporate identity standards. They ensure that everyone within your company, from individual employees to branch offices, is representing the company the same way each and every time they interact with customers and prospects. Your established corporate identity, combined with your customers’ experiences with your company, help create your company’s brand that is perceived in the marketplace.

Corporate identity can be reinforced through a company’s website, ad lay-outs, the avenues utilized in advertising, and the company’s public persona as perceived through public relations and media coverage.

At Three Marketiers, we help you determine, create and disseminate your corporate identity. We can design your logo, create new icons, craft your company slogan, lay out your advertising, direct your ad and promotional campaigns, make your ad buys, and help you brand your company within its niche.

We can redesign, freshen or utilize your old logo and help create an icon that can identify you in the marketplace; from vanguard, hip, new and edgy to conservative, reliable and longstanding or anywhere in between, we can help capture the real personality for your company.

We will bring a consistent feel to your letterhead, envelopes, emails, invoices, fax cover sheets, business cards, brochures and ads. This consistency in documents and marketing tools will help bring a confidence of theme, look and feel to everything your company does.  When your audience sees anything from your company, they can recognize immediately that it comes from you and that you are a reliable and recognizable leader in your industry.

At the heart of corporate identity is your company’s logo. As one of your most valuable assets, it should be the first thing your customer sees and the last thing they remember. A well-designed and consistently used logo can unite the company, its offices and subsidiaries under one umbrella.

By providing a uniform symbol wherever visual identification occurs, the logo projects quality and professionalism. Your logo should appear on all cross media, including letterhead, business cards, envelopes, fax sheets, checks, marketing materials, advertisements, the company website and more.

Three Marketiers can create your logo, or use your established icon within a strong theme for all of your identity items. Call us today and we can work together on strengthening your company identity and image.

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