Corporate Magazines: Sophisticated Guerilla Marketing

Make the connection with your customers

In today’s world of sophisticated marketing, successful companies cut though the competitive towers of babble and marketing clutter and find new, innovative and cost-productive ways to get their message across, reach their target markets and enforce brand loyalty.

Successful 21st century businesses have moved beyond interruptive marketing techniques and utilize stealth and guerilla marketing programs while beginning engagement marketing programs.

Interrupted audiences, a concept begun more than 80 years ago by door-to-door, cold-calling life insurance salesman W. Clement Stone, is not proactive and has proven to be inefficient and off-putting in this era of wanting to know the people you do business with.

Guerrilla marketing, first popularized by Jay Conrad Livingston in 1984, is an unconventional way of marketing a product or company, on a low budget. The object, according to Levinson, is to  “establish a relationship with the customer … build trust and rapport … understand the customer’s needs, and … provide a product that delivers the promised benefits.”

One effective approach to this concept is engagement marketing. Engagement marketing is a trendy term that means creating a relationship with your customer through multiple touch points.

Engagement Marketing is a way in which business and customers engage each other for mutual benefit, through compelling content offered in myriad levels and channels of communication.

One of the most efficient, cost-productive, innovative and thorough engagement strategies is through the use of custom publishing, or corporate magazines.

Custom publishing creates a soft-sell approach that informs, entertains, educates and alerts the reader to new goods, services, products, approaches and messages while providing them with more knowledge of your company. All that serves to build the relationship and permeate loyalty. Corporate magazines give companies the ability to drive growth and reduce marketing costs, educate customers and potential customers on a brand’s image.  Additionally, corporate magazines address and employ all three trendy marketing techniques: stealth, guerrilla and engagement. Stealth comes into play as the recipient of a well-presented corporate magazine reads topics that interest him and subliminally receives the corporate message and public relations. Guerrilla marketing is effected as the customer gets an enhanced relationship as the magazine informs and entertains while impressing the reader about the company, its people, products and services. Finally, the engagement aspect is achieved as the customer chooses what to read, what to learn about and can “opt-in” for future mailings.

Alan Moore, who originated philosophy and principles of Engagement Marketing as the century turned, believes that “human beings are highly social animals, and have an innate need to communicate and interact. Therefore, any engagement marketing initiative must allow for two-way flows of information and communication.” It works by informing your client and participating with him. Corporate magazines create a symbiotic relationship with the customer who can react to what he has read, to offers in the publications and to your company’s approach to business.

As potential customers want to learn more about your company, products, philosophies and decisions, they want to also contact real people to discuss their needs and wants. This aspect of Engagement Marketing is implemented purposefully through the use of a properly laid-out and thoughtfully filled corporate magazine.

The Custom Publishing Council backs that up with its published statement: “Custom publishing marries the marketing ambitions of a company with the information needs of its target audience. This occurs through the delivery of editorial content – via print, Internet, and other media – so intrinsically valuable that it moves the recipient’s behavior in a desired direction.”

Corporate magazines are not a new idea, but the fine-tuning of these vehicles is what guarantees the desired effect: Getting the proper message out to your target audience in a cost-effective way that will persuade them to begin or continue a business relationship with you, culminating in more sales.

Corporate magazines can do more than provide a catalog of goods and services. They can tell your company story, firmly define and entrench your brand, stimulate sales and foster the brand loyalty that market leaders enjoy.

Three Marketiers has found a way that your corporate magazine can be produced cost-effectively, in many cases, at little cost to you. In some programs, the magazines can actually be produced at a profit to your company.

Three Marketiers creates the publishing product your prospects want to read. The story around the company and its products or programs, the essential material proffered to foster better understanding of your company and its capabilities. A solid corporate magazine is, after all, a capabilities brochure that develops your identity and imparts it to your audience.

Today’s custom publishing no longer has the look of brochureware. It is a relationship-building, high-quality information vessel that brings your brand to life.

Ads within the magazine can work in harmony with your magazine focus to promote greater sales, and these ads can help serve to give the company putting out the magazine an immediate return on investment. Three Marketiers will show you how to accomplish this.

With relevant content ideas, staying true to the brand’s personality and high-quality messages and design, a company magazine can be one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal. It’s a delicate balance, and that is why the process demands a dedicated team with an expertise in custom publishing.  Three Marketiers could be the creative, publishing and marketing team to best ensure your success in the 21st century.

Three Marketiers creates unique publications that add to the credibility of your team  and enhances the image of your company. Though experienced writers, art designers, printers and marketing professionals, the Three Marketiers team works with you and guides to you best reach, inform and entertain your audience. They will take the project from its concept through the finished product by either doing all the work, or by working with your company, editing and fine-tuning the columns, ideas and projects developed or created by your company, or by combining both extremes.

Statistics show that clients look to corporate magazines for key company information – from industry news to identification of trends and product information. Three Marketiers understands the importance of messaging and invests time to learn about each client’s business and objectives. With this in-depth knowledge, Three Marketiers creates customized corporate magazines that exclusively execute the client’s vision – with little investment of the client’s time. These magazines are convenient, tangible products with good table life, which sales staff can use as effective marketing tools. Additionally, as a result of manufacturer support, as mentioned above, these magazines can be produced at little or no cost. Call Three Marketiers to find out how.

These multi-page capabilities brochures can cement relationships by highlighting clients, vendors, distributors and customers. They can sell more product and highlight more products, going into detail, giving historical backgrounds and adding personality to the companies, the people behind the companies and the products.

And NOW, we can bring your magazine or brochure to countless prospects and customers digitally, either embedded in emails, sent directly to computers, iPads or Smart Phones, and linked in such social marketing venues as Facebook, LinkedIn or Naymz. We can even put your audio advertisement directly in the magazine or brochure and tie it into your website or the website of any advertisers or sponsors in your magazine.

Bring corporate vision to life with words and pictures of this value-added gift to your clients, customers, affiliates and prospects. Call Three Marketiers today and learn how to begin publishing your own corporate magazine.