Corporate Magazines

Corporate Magazines
Three Marketiers staff members create and publish individualized corporate magazines to reach the customers and target audience you need to reach to increase your sales.

We complete all phases of the production from gathering information to writing, laying out, printing and distributing the publication, and we even create a digital version of the publication that you can put on your website or embed in your emails. We even sell the advertising.

This Corporate magazine could be an annual magazine, a quarterly or even a monthly publication and could run from a 16 to 24-page saddle-stitched glossy magazine, all the way past a glossy, 100-page perfect-bound publication. And this publication can be a sales tool, marketing and public relations generator, news and press release avenue, or a hybrid that encompasses all three.

How would you like to publish such a corporate magazine, custom publication or revolving quarterly image-maker and have someone else do all the work?

What if you could accomplish that and have it cost you next to nothing or even derive a profit from it? And how would you like your print effort to be available digitally, 24/7/365?

That’s what we can do for you through Three Marketiers Publishing.

Here’s how it works:

You’re the editor-in-chief. Our team will do all of the work and oversee every detail. Your experts can write the material while our staff edits and fine-tunes the copy, OR you give us the subject matter and contacts, and we’ll write it all. We can even combine the two approaches. Three Marketiers can make you look good and your company look great. And that’s only the beginning.

Call us TODAY and we can fully explain how you can benefit from a Corporate magazine produced by Three Marketiers. Don’t delay … your profits can begin and your sales can increase as soon as the project is completed.

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