Custom Publishing

Custom Publishing is a high quality and low cost marketing strategy to target your existing and prospective customers. Publications are typically sponsored by a single marketer (a company, association or institution) and are designed to reach a tightly focused audience of customers, members, or other constituency.

Publishing a custom magazine establishes the company/group as a trusted industry leader and expert. This is accomplished by providing information and advice that meets the needs and suits the preferences of the sponsor’s target market. By getting specific information out to targeted customers and prospects, the company/group will create brand loyalty with their customers such that the customer will regard the sponsor as the supplier/provider of choice.

The average person is exposed to more than 3,000 sales and marketing messages every single day. Custom publishing helps you stand out from the crowd. When it’s done right, custom publishing can break through the clutter. It’s a way to start a conversation with your customers, providing them with engaging, relevant content that tells a story … your story — instead of just selling a product or service.


Three Marketiers provides comprehensive professional publishing services, including design and editorial responsibilities, complete production and distribution process, as well as selling advertising space within custom publications to third parties. This can often subsidize the cost of publication, create a more authentic editorial environment, and allow third parties to reach that sponsor’s customers.

Custom publications are typically quarterly, monthly or annual publications that run from 16 to 36-page saddle-stitched glossy magazines, to perfect-bound publications well over 100 pages. Our editorial, graphic design and marketing teams have published over 100 publications and have a 20-year track record for getting the job done right and for helping clients grow their businesses.

We do as much of the work as you need us to … all of it, or part of it while you and your company experts can remain involved to the level that best works for you. We can write, design and manage the entire process or edit your writing and complete your designs. We can sell your advertising or just manage the ad space and take in the ads and refine them to make them work. You call the shots and we complete the project.

The best part: Your costs are low and in many cases you can even make a profit from these publications.


Corporate magazines are sponsor-branded and are created as sales tools, marketing and public relations generators, avenues for news and press releases, or hybrids that encompass all three.

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Trade groups, buying groups, associations and non-profits are the types of organizations that sponsor Group magazines. They are designed to influence the decisions made by their members, employees, and business prospects.

These publications are used to attract new members, get out your latest news or announce your mission, as well as public relations or marketing vehicles. It can also help generate sales for your members or vendors.

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Trade magazines help to position your company or group as the industry expert. Unlike Corporate or Group magazines, your company or group sponsors the magazine from a distance. Your company information may only be found on the table of contents but you are driving the editorial content. You may or may not include your competitors, but if you do, your company always shines.

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Additionally, Three Marketiers provides its customers with the ability to turn any publication into a digital version that they can put on their own website or embed in an email. Digital editions look just like a printed magazine and you can even turn the pages.  Better still, any ad, story or information block in the digital edition can carry a link that will allow the visitor to click and be transported directly to any website, giving the visitor a chance to learn more, see an entire website devoted to the company, cause or subject, or order products, goods and services. If you don’t want to invest in a printed version, Three Marketiers can create the publication for a digital application only.

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