Defining Your Company with a Corporate Magazine

Corporate magazines can do more than provide a catalog of goods and services. They can tell your company story, firmly define and entrench your brand, stimulate sales and foster the brand loyalty that market leaders enjoy.

Today’s custom publishing no longer has the look of brochureware. It is a relationship-building, high-quality information vessel that brings your brand to life.

Ads within the magazine can work in harmony with your magazine focus to promote greater sales, and these ads can help serve to give the company putting out the magazine an immediate return on investment. With relevant content ideas, staying true to the brand’s personality and high-quality messages and design, a company magazine can be one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal. It’s a delicate balance, and that is why the process demands a dedicated team with an expertise in custom publishing, and that is why Three Marketiers has been successful in building strong Corporate Magazines.

Statistics show that clients look to Corporate Magazines for key company information – from industry news to identification of trends and product information. These magazines are convenient, tangible products with good table life, which sales staff can use as effective marketing tools. Additionally, as a result of manufacturer support, these magazines can be produced at little or no cost. Call Three Marketiers to find out how.

These multi-page capabilities brochures can cement relationships by highlighting clients, vendors, distributors and customers. Can sell more product and highlight more products, going into detail, giving historical backgrounds and adding personality to the companies, the people behind the companies and the products.

And NOW, we can bring your magazine or brochure to countless prospects and customers digitally, either embedded in e-mails, sent directly to computers, iPads or Smart Phones, and linked in such social marketing venues as FaceBook, LinkedIn or Naymz. We can even put your audio advertisement directly in the magazine or brochure and tie it into your website or the website of any advertisers or sponsors in your magazine.

What have your experiences been with Corporate Magazines? Do you believe in them or are you moving toward other means of marketing? Email us to share your comments.