Digital Publishing Expertise

Digital Publishing Expertise
If print magazines were the ultimate in trade, corporate and group marketing focus in the 20th century, then digital magazines have become top dog in the 21st century.

Three Marketiers provides its customers with the ability to turn any print job – magazine, brochure, flyer, etc., into a digital version that they can put on their own website or links they can embed in their emails or text to their contacts. And you don’t have to spend printing budget to do this, as Three Marketiers can create a digital publication for you whether you are old school and prefer hard copy prints or new age and would rather rely on electronic versions.

Our digital editions look just like a printed magazine and you can even turn the pages.  Better still, any ad, story or information block in the digital edition can carry a link that will allow the visitor to click and be transported directly to any website, giving the visitor a chance to learn more, see an entire website devoted to the company, cause or subject, or order products, goods and services.

According to recent industry surveys:

The average time spent reading a magazine is 41 minutes. That means you have 41 minutes in which to capture a reader’s attention and make a lasting impression.

67% of all tablet owners prefer to read magazines online. And these visitors are early adopters and influencers. 91% of these readers take action after reading and 82% of those mention the content to others, while 69% post articles on Facebook. Advertising pays off as 73% read or click through on ads and 70% say they would click to buy something if given the opportunity in a magazine.

Three Marketiers provides digital solutions that are dynamic, are cutting edge and can get your message across on PCs, Macs, in emails, tablets and smart phones. We configure magazine websites and brochure and flyer links that allow publishers to leverage and extend their content. We utilize modern tools which enable you to maximize your valuable content for search engine optimization. We position and design for social community growth, interaction, resource, utility, usability, and value. The ability order from a click on an iPad, phone or PC is an invaluable tool that will pay dividends long after the project is complete.

Three Marketiers can provide you with a digital version of any hard-copy marketing tool we produce for you.

This keeps your ad, brochure or magazine working for you 24/7/365, and helps you make use of the vast drawing power of the computer and the Internet.

Three Marketiers can help you exploit the internet’s value in several ways. First, our hard-copy material — the brochures, ads, banners and digital magazines — will all be designed to drive viewers to your website. Then, your website can work for you full-time to help you make that sale, and to that end, our Web Design team can redesign or fine-tune your site to make it work for you.

Click on the magazine images and see how we make print material readable, forceful, efficient and a smart business decision for you.

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