Engagement Marketing through Corporate Magazines

Guerrilla marketing, first popularized by Jay Conrad Livingston in 1984, is an unconventional way of marketing a product or company, on a low budget. The object, according to Levinson, is to, “establish a relationship with the customer … build trust and rapport … understand the customer’s needs, and … provide a product that delivers the promised benefits.”

One effective approach to this concept is engagement marketing. Engagement marketing is a trendy term that means creating a relationship with your customer through multiple touch points.

Engagement Marketing is a way in which business and customers engage each other for mutual benefit, through compelling content offered in myriad levels and channels of communication.

One of the most efficient, cost-productive, innovative and thorough engagement strategies is through the use of custom publishing, or corporate magazines.

Custom publishing creates a soft-sell approach that informs, entertains, educates and alerts the reader to new goods, services, products, approaches and messages while providing them with more knowledge of your company. All that serves to build the relationship and permeate loyalty. Corporate magazines give companies the ability to drive growth and reduce marketing costs, educate customers and potential customers on a brand’s image. Additionally, corporate magazines address and employ all three au current marketing techniques: stealth, guerrilla and engagement. Stealth comes into play as the recipient of a well-presented corporate magazine reads topics that interest him and subliminally receive the corporate message and public relations. Guerrilla marketing is effected as the customer gets an enhanced relationship as the magazine informs and entertains while impressing the reader about the company, its people, products and services. Finally, the engagement aspect is achieved as the customer chooses what to read, what to learn about and can “opt-in” for future mailings.

Corporate magazines are not a new idea, but the fine-tuning of these vehicles is what guarantees the desired effect: Getting the proper message out to your target audience in a cost-effective way that will persuade them to begin or continue a business relationship with you, culminating in more sales.

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