Group Magazines

Group Magazines
Three Marketiers staff can build and produce individualized Group magazines that influence the decisions made by our client’s customers, employees, and business prospects.

We oversee all functions, steps and categories in the production of printed and digital magazines and we can even make them profitable for you.

From beginning to end, we design, create, gather information, coordinate production and print the complete project and even have it distributed as you need it. We can even turn the entire project into digital form for your use on websites, in emails, on blogs or social networking use.

A Group magazine could be an annual magazine, a quarterly or even a monthly publication and typically runs from a 24-page multiple time per year glossy magazine to an annual or semi-annual perfect-bound work of 100 pages or more. This can also be easily transformed into a visitor-friendly digital magazine that has links to transport visitors to multiple websites.

This publication can be used to attract new members, it can be a public relations or marketing vehicle, it can get out your latest news or announce your mission, and it can help generate sales for your members or vendors, and more.

The best part: Your costs are low and in many cases you can even make a profit from these publications.

Here’s how it works:

Our editorial, graphic design and marketing teams have a long track record for getting the job done right and for helping clients grow their businesses.

For more than 20 years, Three Marketiers has worked with buying groups, associations and nonproft organizations to create compelling publications that attract attention and drive sales.

You’re the editor-in-chief. We do as much of the work as you need us to … all of it, or part of it while you and your company experts can remain involved to the level that best works for you. Three Marketiers can make you look good and your company look great. And that’s only the beginning.

Our expertise also extends into using co-op dollars and/or advertising revenue to help offset some or all of the expenses of your publication. We have longstanding personal relationships with many manufacturers in many market segments and these relationships include a library of more than 300 advertisements.

Call us TODAY and we can fully explain how you can benefit from a group magazine produced by Three Marketiers. Don’t delay … your profits can begin and your sales can increase as soon as the project is printed.

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