Inspire Your Customers to Call You

To win in today’s competitive business world, it matter little what niche your business is in … the basics to growing your business remains the same … think outside the box and be a step ahead of your competition. Let your customers know what you do, how you do it and that you do it better or cheaper or with more quality and customer service than your competition.

You need to bring customers to your door (or website or phone lines). One traditional way to do that is to do something different that stands out from your competition.

It could be something as traditional as sending a monthly postcard instead of a hard copy newsletter. Self-printed cost could be less than $0.50 ea. including the stamp. Make it fun and colorful with a strong “Call to Action” title, such as: “50 reasons for you to call us”. List 10-to-20 reasons, and invite them to call you for the other 30. Give them your skills, talents, tasks and a few top quantifiable reasons, then leave a deal-closer on your complete list to tell them when they visit the site or call you. Invite them to get a freebie if they call … a coupon for a discount, or some coffee or K-cups or a tool or a solar paperweight … something fun to inspire them to call. Three Marketiers can help you create, design and print your Call to Action campaign, so you can call us to help if you are out of ideas.

Gifting loyal customers also makes sense. To keep customers loyal to you, instead of a frequent buyer program, send your customers small “surprise” gifts. Customers come to expect rewards when they are members of a program. Surprises always work to instill loyalty and retention. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that promotional items are only for conferences and tradeshows. When given out with (or in place of) a business card at a lunch, a meeting or in passing, small promotional items become a gift. People expect free stuff at conferences, they don’t expect gifts. Keep a small, branded (and useful) item with you. You can be sure they’ll remember you. They don’t have to be expensive. Tip calculator cards, tea bags, pens and pads, bottled water, post-it notes, drinkware, mousepads, bags and totes, small flashlights or things very target specific to your industry, such as small tools for a local plumber or supply house, or packets of flower seeds for a gardener or landscaper with their contact information on it. Three Marketiers can help you with inventive Promotional Items and Advertising Specialties … check out our Line Card.

And customers like doing business with “Good People.”  Be a good person … donate several of your products or services to a non-profit organization that is sponsoring a live auction and the proceeds will be donated to the charity. Your store name will be displayed on the products for the duration of the event and the donation is tax deductible. Plus, you’ll be helping others.

These are just three ideas … there are countless more and we will share some of them with you in future blogs … or call us and we will share them with you to help you inspire YOUR customers to call YOU.