Line Cards

Line Cards
Serving our clients for a quarter-century, our in-house marketing team provides a comprehensive line-up of services

Rely on THREE MARKETIERS, a Division of the FMSI Group, to help you with:

Custom Publishing: A high-quality and low-cost marketing strategy to target your existing and prospective customers. Publications are typically sponsored by a single marketer (a company, association or institution) and are designed to reach a tightly focused audience of customers, members, or other constituency. These include Corporate Magazines, Group Magazines and Trade Magazines in print. And we even have programs in which we do all the work and your company can show a profit on each magazine printed.

Digital Magazines: If print magazines were the ultimate in trade, corporate and group marketing focus in the 20th century, then digital magazines have become top dog in the 21st century. We can provide digital magazines that can be accessed from your web site or by embedding a link in your emails.

Brochures: Brochures, Flyers, Folders and Trade Ads are considered by many to be old school. They are still a powerful marketing tool because they are cost effective and they work. Their strongest attributes are visual appeal, deliverability, and shelf life. We can design, write and print your company’s capabilities in comprehensive easy-to read documents.

Advertising: A successful advertising campaign involves selecting the proper message and content, the target audience, the right venue for the ad placement and expressive ad design that helps the reader recognize the company and product advertised. Three Marketiers creates Ad Design with a combination of tried-and-true artistic elements, trendy and current graphic techniques, concise and lucid copy and material that fit the audience – conservative when appropriate to avant garde when the situation calls for it – are strategized and executed to achieve your goals.

Ad and Media Placement: Three Marketiers can also help you reach your target audiences through our advertising and media placement services. Whether in consumer magazines, industry magazines, yellow page ads, billboards or website banners and links, Three Marketiers will create the right message and get you the positions you need to get your message across.

Proposals: Communicate your offers and brand consistency. A Business Proposal is an invitation to prospective customers to invest in a business or sales offer, describing the new opportunity. The key to a successfully created proposal is clarity in communicating the information, combined with an engaging entertainment value. Three Marketiers includes the basics in our custom proposals that meet your company’s needs.

Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns: Three Marketiers develops full comprehensive marketing campaigns that can help market your company by providing stand-alone ads, flyers, brochures or corporate magazines. We treat each component of your marketing thrust as part of a campaign, rather than as individual shotgun blasts. Each item Three Marketiers works on for you can stand alone but is created to work as an element of the larger program.

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Corporate ID: Differentiate your company from the competition. Corporate Identity is a means by which the company is recognized by the public and its marketplace. Corporate ID includes such items as logo design, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, truck decals, the colors used on company products, uniforms and promotions, and even includes the look and feel of its ads and collateral

Website Design: The look and feel of your company in user-friendly internet formats. The Internet is an invaluable and necessary asset that must be employed properly and emphatically for 21st century business success. The value of a good website design can never be underestimated. Consider that your website is designed for visitors and they primarily come to your website looking for information. Rely on us to upgrade your current site or create a new one.

Promotional Items and Advertising Specialties: From Custom Calendars to high quality items at low cost, Three Marketiers can provide a comprehensive assortment of promotional products to fit your needs and reach your targets. To help your company reach your customer base, we can help you select the right item for the right venue. If you can imagine your logo on a promotional product, we can provide it for you.

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