Logos: The Silent Salesperson

Corporate visual identity includes a company’s name, icon or logo, color, design, font and type styles, graphic elements. They also address company or organization slogans or themes, and any mascots or items that cause the public to pay attention to and remember the company or organization.  These visual images are often referred to as: the “silent salesperson” as it exerts persuasive power at a subliminal level. Therefore, it is necessary to address the need to examine how people perceive the color, design and meaning of logos to examine how these affect the identity of the organization.

Every company needs and uses a logo, whether it is an iconic emblem or simply the company name arranged in whatever colors, size, format and style the company uses for recognition or for its billing, trucks and sales material. The logo introduces and portrays the company to the public and to its audience. As logos are identifiers to the target audience, logo design must be a priority for any company or organization. A company without a logo is non-existent. Therefore, the logo design must be a priority for any company wishing to have presence in the market. Being recognized is the only way for a company to be known by the public. It is the only way in which people, potential customers, have a point of reference, a symbol telling them that the company is there, that it sells something and that it has certain specific features.

Many companies believe that the important thing to succeed in the market is having good quality or original products or having the best and most prestigious professionals in their field, of course all this is true, but only if there is a good logo design portraying this company as a company with good quality or original products or the best professionals. Without an appropriate logo, all the efforts the company makes to be the best will fade away in the vastness of the market; without a logo saying “here we are, we are the best”,  nobody will know it. All the efforts made by the company to be efficient will be to no avail, if the customers cannot acknowledge this.

However, a small company, counting on fewer resources than a big corporation (or a big corporation facing very strong competitors) can prosper thanks to a good logo design that can fill all gaps left due to lack of material resources. A small company can quickly jump to the top tier of the market if it has a good logo portraying it before potential customers’ eyes as a strong, safe, reliable, efficient and professional company. The truth is that most people do not completely know all the various companies packing the market and they just build an image of them from advertising and the corporate logo representing them.

That is why if your company manages to develop a powerful logo design that portrays it effectively, the sales will increase quickly, as well as your prestige. And the best thing of all is that you do not need to have endless resources to carry it out; the corporate identity that you are striving for will become the brand that is perceived by your market.