Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns
Three Marketiers develops full comprehensive marketing campaigns that can help to market your company by providing stand-alone ads, flyers, brochures or corporate magazines.

We treat each component of your marketing thrust as part of a campaign, rather than as individual shotgun blasts. Each item Three Marketiers works on for you can stand alone but is created to work as an element of the larger program.

To accomplish a successful marketing campaign for you …

First, we determine who and what is your target audience and we target each of the segments of that market. Who do you want to appeal to? The more narrowly you can define your prospective customer, the one who will benefit from your goods or services, the better results you will get. Whether this is an individual, a company, a group or an industry, we define who you want to reach and why they need your goods or services.

3m-website-marketing-campaign2-nadnp-960x960Then we develop a plan to help you build a relationship with these contacts.  We determine the best media mix for you to best deliver your message. We treat your business as a unique enterprise, because each business and each situation is unique in its own right. Three Marketiers is experienced in finding the best avenues for a successful media plan.

Third, our creative team develops the look, feel and message for your company, in a concerted effort to differentiate you from the competition and gain you a market edge. We write creative, focused, hard-hitting copy angled to persuade your audience to make that call. To get your message right, we sit behind the desk of your audience and see what solutions they need to solve their issues. We make it real and that makes you real for your prospects and customers. We make certain there is a call to action. This helps generate sales and also helps you identify the prospects who need more attention. We give them a reason to ask for more information. We drive them to your website or your closers.


Fourth, we determine the correct avenues for delivering your message. Different people respond to different types of contact. Is it trade magazines? Consumer magazines?  Corporate magazines? Print?  Digital? Capabilities brochures? Email blasts? Direct mail? Billboards? Web advertising, social marketing such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Naymz? Attendance and displays at trade shows? Mailing out and handing out advertising specialties and logo items? Is it the look and feel of your corporate identity pieces from letterhead to business cards? Is it special events, programs, seminars or webinars? From innovative to traditional advertising, we examine all the options.

Fifth, we make sure that each element of the campaign is built with the same essence and style so that the audience comes to recognize the look and approach as yours. The copy flows from one component of the campaign to the next, and the design cues carry the same theme. When someone sees any element of your campaign, they recognize that it comes from your company and it exhibits your style, your theme and your reputation.

All of this serves to make your company stand out ahead of the competition with the stated purpose of further perpetuating your brand and increasing your market share.

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