Marketing Strategy and Trends for 2015

Is your marketing strategy keeping up with the latest trends? It may be wise to update your marketing plan for the greatest impact maximization.

Many experts agree that 2015 will be a good year for business and that things are looking up if companies adapt and position themselves properly.

Overall, the economy is improving, and there are indications that growth will continue in 2015. That is positive for small business owners and incentivizes others to either launch or expand if they are positioned to take advantage of the major trends.

Communication through visual means is trendy and a hot button. The use of videos and visuals will be on the rise for marketing. You no longer have to pay for commercial time, but you can use the power of YouTube to reach your customers. The use of infographics has exploded and the continuing appeal of Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as image-heavy email blasts are keys to gaining customers and sales. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to purchase after seeing a video than if there was no video at all. Additionally, showing that can interact with and market personally with your customers conveys that you care about your customers and can personally help them with your products and services, and are there if they have any questions.

Going Mobile is important and on the upswing, but remember that offline marketing remains as important as online marketing. The approach might be different and your audience might be a bit older and more conservative, but don’t forget that old-school still works if you combine old-school with new-school.  It is wise to hit both avenues for sales maximization. Print, mail-outs, specialty products and hard copies are still viable when blended with digital contact.

And don’t forget retargeting. Retargeting is a means of placing your advertisements in front of your audience after they have left your website without converting. Retargeting is one of the most effective internet marketing approaches available. If you are already investing in your site and your marketing campaigns for more site traffic, then it typically pays big dividends to remind the people who left your website without a conversion of your value in solving their needs.  Remember that side doors are effective and if you have contact information, contacting these retargets by hard copy, email blasts, direct mail or specialty products can rekindle or convert these abandoners back into customers.

In lead generation campaigns or retailer email marketing, there are always going to be occurrences of form or cart abandonment. When they DO leave, it makes sense to reach out and find out why they left or approach them with information that shows that you might indeed offer exactly what they want or need. After the abandonment of a registration form or online shopping cart, through email remarketing you can send out an automated email to give your brand another chance at retaining or gaining that customer.

Another trend that pays off  is personalized communication. Personalization is key to setting your organization apart. Once again, it connotes that you care about them and today’s customer wants to be cared about. Often, this personal approach has to do with content creation, which has become a major marketing trend. With all the content available to customers, they become more selective in what they spend their time and energies on. Personalizing your communication with targets will set you apart from others who are also sharing content and will help you build relationships and humanize

That brings us to humanizing your brand, which is becoming increasingly important. Many studies have indicated that the hard-sell and hard-ask don’t work well anymore and are becoming ignored. This means that your content marketing plan, your email communication—even your offline marketing efforts—need to be more about connecting with, educating and engaging your customers and less about the pitch. Those that pitch are becoming ignored. A little bit of selling here and there is great, but those marketers who do nothing but sell, sell, sell, will lose, lose, lose in the long run. Show that you truly care and you will win.

Plan your marketing strategy for 2015 with the goal of creating deeper relationships and stronger connections with your constituents, and you’ll be more likely to see a boost to your bottom line.

With the competition fierce, the time is right to partner with a comprehensive marketing team that can help position your company ahead of the curve. Rely on THREE MARKETIERS, a Division of the FMSI Group, to help you humanize, cultivate and build relationships that build sales.

What trends do you see emerging for 2015? Please share them with us and the business community … knowledge is power and we all win by sharing.