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Three Marketiers provides a complete line of promotional products to fit your needs.To help your company reach your customer base, Three Marketiers will provide you with high-quality promotional products at a low cost. If you can imagine your logo on a promotional product, we can most likely create it for you to give to your customers and prospects.

Your businesses can count on us to get you the promotional products you want, when you need them! Three Marketiers can help you get your logo and product information out to your customers and targets in effective, cost-efficient and creative ways.

From T-shirts, corporate apparel, mugs or pens, to one-of-a-kind items, Three Marketiers knows what products work for what application and which new school or old school approaches will achieve the best results with your customers.

Are you hosting an event? Or a grand opening? Is your business attending and displaying at a convention? Are you speaking at a seminar? Do you want to get your name, logo, slogan or products in the minds of your audience? We’ll have them done on time to your specifications.

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Why Three Marketiers?

Three Marketiers provides a complete line of promotional products to fit your needs:

  • Proprietary idea generator
  • In-house graphic design
  • Personal project concierge
  • Cutting edge product search technology
  • Rush delivery service
  • Extremely competitive prices guaranteed
  • Virtual samples

Using Advertising specialties is a proven strategy to increase your business opportunities.  To help your company reach your customer base, Three Marketiers will provide you with high-quality promotional products at a low cost.  Whether you are exhibiting at a convention or looking for corporate apparel, we offer the right promotional product.

We assist our clients in keeping their logo in front of their target market. Promotional Products that carry your company logo can include anything from pens, shirts and hats to calendars, bags, golf balls and accessories, or drinkware, water bottles and trade show give-aways.  Most any promotional product you can imagine your logo on – we can create for you to give your customers.  Three Marketiers is here for our customers, to personally and expertly help you find effective promotional products at a low cost to help you best reach your target market and increase your sales. To best benefit you and your company, we have thousands of promotional products available for your logo, contact information and message. We can easily find the best promotional product for you using our state of the art product search tools. Our experienced consultants can guide you in choosing promotional products that will work best for attracting YOUR customer base. Let Three Marketiers and our experience in the promotional products industry work for you. Your company can count on us to get you the promotional products you want, when you need them!

If you have a product in mind, you can find it through our quick search on our home page. Just click on the tab and you can tailor your product to meet your needs. Want a mug the color of your company, local sports team or college? A golf umbrella? An engraved clock in wood or metal? All of which are imprinted with your company logo? You can create your own specialty items through this custom search. You can search for any item that’s available … if it’s out there, we’ll get it for you and if you can’t find it … we’ll find it for you.

Or, if you want us to do all the work, just call our experienced staff, dedicated to help you. We cover YOUR region and we’ll find you what you want and what you need, at the best price available.

Would you like to see what your order will look like BEFORE you order? Now, through virtual sample images, your customers can see an accurate representation of their order BEFORE the item goes into production. Before you order, Three Marketiers can email YOU a virtual image of the item for your approval. You see an image of the product, true to scale, color and appearance, with your logo or information on it.

The best creative design communicates your message, products and services and also induces a call to action. Our in-house design team will create a logo for you or will take your company logo, slogan, message and material and make it work for your company and the medium you have chosen to fit the audience you have targeted.

Our experienced graphic design team and our editorial writers evaluate your goals and the mediums used and will create the essential items with flair, class and innovation, mindful that what matters most is the marketing success of the campaign and not only the artistry.

We’ll discuss with you approaches that work and draw upon your experience as well as our own, to end with a finished product that will work for you.


From classy embroidered shirts to classic silk screened shirts, your customers will be walking billboards as they wear your logo. Now available are popular attractive promotional and functional apparel items: golf shirts, sweatshirts, windshirts, hats and baseball caps, jackets, coats, scarves, socks and gloves, and the most popular promotional apparel, the T-shirt.  When it rains, an umbrella with your logo on it will keep your customers dry … the items are endless … give Three Marketiers a call and put your logo on your customers with a shirt or hat.


All people love awards and so do companies who are your customers. An award is a fantastic way to create customer pride.  And if you want to motivate your employees, awards are great ways to recognize excellent work. Three Marketiers has hundreds of custom awards and plaques.  Custom awards will make your employees happy and will help make your customers loyal and feel respected.

Bags and Totes

Sports venues, museums, historical attractions, parks and shopping malls are the perfect place to show off logo printed bags. Bike paths and hiking trails are perfect for backpacks and totes that carry YOUR logo. That makes bags and totes of all kinds, popular and useful give-away or sales items imprinted with your business logo or specialty. Your customers and prospects will carry your business logo with them on useful totes, handbags, carry bags and duffel bags made from canvas, leather or durable plastics. These promotional bags and totes will be used time and time again, and your business name and logo will be seen year-round by your customers and others. Now your company contact information, slogan, message and logo will be taken on business trips, to resorts, to attractions and on shopping trips.


Calendars are used every day and having your company name, message and contact information on a calendar will keep your locations and products in front of your customers and prospects all year long. Businesses can now give their customers the gift that helps them, and helps them remember YOU. We can custom design your calendars or put your company in a popular design at low prices. And if you take advantage of Three Marketiers’ early bird ordering, you can purchase custom-designed wall calendars, desk calendars and planners with your company name, contact numbers and product lines at an even lower cost, and remain in front of your customers 365 days a year. You can order calendars and planners in 4-color, 2-color, black and white, extra colors, custom colors with or without pictures and with all the information you need your customers to see. With formats from 12 to 18 months, it is the perfect gift to give your customers at any time throughout the year.


Imagine your customers serving their friends using a mug or cup with your logo.  This quality promotional drinkware includes travel mugs, coffee cups, etched glass, stadium cups and printed glassware. Now businesses can get their company logo in the hands of their customers and clients as they take a refreshing drink from a mug or cup. And don’t forget water bottles. On recreation trails, bike trails and hiking trails, your customers will thankfully quench their thirst thanks to YOU and your logo-printed water bottles.

Golf Balls and Accessories

Golf is a popular activity for leisure, entertainment and for conducting business. Golf is also a great way to get your company logo in front of customers and the community. Golf balls and accessories are the perfect gift for your customers and the perfect give-aways for your next local golf tournament. Make an impact on players and spectators or expand your target customers throughout your market area by displaying your logo at other golf courses. With your logo imprinted on a golf ball you can outdrive your competition. Let your customers tee up to sales with logo golf tees, or let them carry a towel with your logo on it as they prepare for the hole in one.

Office Items

Whether at the office or at home, all of your customers need numerous imprinted office items including pads, paper, dispensers, mouse pads, flash drives, rulers, business card holders, clocks and sticky notes. Your clients and prospects will see your name on our comprehensive array of imprinted office items. Your name and business will be in front of business owners, on their desks every day. Your customers will be talking about you when their offices are filled with items imprinted with your logo.


We all need pens. We never have enough of them. Now you can help your customers and put your logo and contact information in your customers’ hands with pens and writing instruments from Three Marketiers. Select inexpensive pen and pencil sets in high-quality wood or plastic for mass give-aways, upscale executive sets, sterling silver or gold luxury sets, or oversize or specially produced pens or pencils for your top customers, clients or promotional displays. Customers can choose their own colors, custom colors, or go with white or black lettering, logos and slogans. Put your company information in their hands as they order YOUR products or services.

Personal Care

Customers tend to do business with businesses that care. Your customers will know YOU care when you send them a personal care item that has YOUR logo on it. Your customers will use that imprinted hand sanitizer or first aid kit that has YOUR logo and they will remember you for caring about them.

School Items

All parents love free school items, and their kids will show off your business as they take promotional items to school that they can really use. Three Marketiers can also provide school boosters with items to sell. Selling imprinted school items is a great way for school boosters to raise money.

Trade Shows

Whether you are attending a local trade show, or one elsewhere, imprinted give-aways are your key to marketing success and name recognition.  Make your trade show display count as you give away something useful to potential customers. If you are looking for something ordinary or something extraordinary to put in the hands of your customers, Three Marketiers will find the trade show give-away item that is designed to increase your business. Three Marketiers can supply you with everything you need for a successful trade show:  display signs, table cloths and an unforgettable give-away. Watch them take home your company literature in an imprinted tote bag; or send them back to their offices with your logo printed, silk screened, etched or embroidered on your memorable trade show give-away.

Browse Catalogs

And there are more items. If it can be worn, used, shown, stared at or imagined, we can put your logo on it and you can make your presence felt all around your business area.

Browse through out catalogs on this website, or call Three Marketiers today to talk to your personal sales professional or to receive a catalog.

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Virtual Samples

p-cWould you like to see what you are ordering and creating before the item goes into production and customers see it? Three Marketiers can provide you with a virtual image of the item and email it back to you for your approval. A virtual sample is an image of the product with your logo or information on it, true to scale and appearance.

And if you need more from your full-service marketing firm, Three Marketiers has comprehensive capabilities.

Contact us today and let Three Marketiers help you get YOUR message across.