A Business Proposal is an invitation to prospective customers to invest in a business or sales offer. It describes the new opportunity that customer is being offered. The key to a successfully created proposal is clarity in communicating the offer, brand consistency, and an engaging entertainment value.

Three Marketiers includes the basics in our custom proposals that meet the needs of the business employing them either as a sales or investment tool. Our proposals are all customized to fit the specific requirements of the project, and they may include any or all of the following:

  • We make certain that the prospective investor or customer can receive a customized proposal, with a place for his name and date.
  • Then we describe the process and illustrate benefits with comparisons and with information on the product, service or company at hand and how this system, product, company or investment will pay dividends.
  • Next, we outline this specific proposal and tailor it to the specific person or company it is directed to, outlining the particulars as they pertain to the audience at hand.
  • We then provide all options under the plan and show in graphs and/or numbers the potential benefits of engaging in the business or purchase.
  • Finally, we provide a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer possible queries and provide the information that will help your target say “yes” to the deal.

We provide the document and instrument for your prospect to approve the proposal and put it in your hands to close the deal.

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