Group Magazines Engage Members, the Public, Vendors and Investors

The concept of a buying group goes back to the 1800s and generally, buying groups are entities created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective bargaining power of the group’s members. There is power in numbers and a group magazine that illustrates the strengths and programs of the group can increase the sales of those vendors, and market the group, its values and its programs.

Group purchasing is used in many industries to purchase raw materials and supplies, and it is common practice in the grocery industry, health care, industrial manufacturing, electronics and agricultural industries. In recent years, group purchasing has begun to take root in the nonprofit community. Group purchasing amongst nonprofits is still relatively new, but is quickly becoming commonplace as nonprofits aim to find ways to reduce overhead expenses. In the healthcare field, GPOs have most commonly been accessed by acute-care organizations, but nonprofit Community Clinics and Health Centers throughout the U.S. have also been engaging in group purchasing.

The goal is to level the playing field for the members and it is about teamwork, not rivalry. Members join groups to help themselves and their industry and improve the bottom line for all.

A Group magazine gets that word out to prospective members, the public, vendors and investors. When that magazine also involves vendors, either with advertising or purchase programs, the vendor benefits by increased sales – the reason they have made their products available to the group at discounted prices – and the members benefit by being made aware of the products and services at hand.

When such a magazine can be created, written, designed, printed, distributed and converted to digital format at a low cost to the group, or even at a profit, which can be accomplished in certain circumstances by working through Three Marketiers Publishing, then it is a huge win-win for the group, its members and its vendors.

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