Trade Magazines

Trade Magazines
Trade magazines help to position your company or group as the industry expert. Unlike Corporate or group magazines, your company or Group sponsors the magazine from a distance.

Your company information may only be found on the table of contents, but you are driving the editorial content. You may or may not include your competitors, but if you do, your company always shines.

Three Marketiers and its experienced staff can do all or some of the work, depending on how involved you wish to be. We can write, design and manage the entire process or edit your writing and complete your designs. We can sell your advertising or just manage the ad space, taking in the ads and refining them to make them work. Three Marketiers can make you look good and your company look great.

Three Marketiers takes all the information, your goals, needs and targets into consideration and our staff designs, creates, gathers information, coordinates production and prints the complete project. We can have it distributed as you need it and even turn the entire project into digital form for your use on websites, in emails, on blogs or social networking use. Additionally, the digital magazine offers links that will bring readers directly to your website or advertisers’ websites.

Trade publications present considerable benefits for both individuals and businesses that cannot otherwise be found in major mass media publications. They are a certified and trusted source of information, and have a solid ability to act as the advertising marketplace for all goods and services within an industry, offering a high level of certainty their target audiences will receive their advertisements. They provide a system of networking and communication among industry customers, spotlight special prices and promotions, announce your latest news or your company’s accomplishments.

The best part: Your costs are low and in many cases you can even make a profit from these publications.

Our expertise also extends into using co-op dollars and/or advertising revenue to help offset some or all of the expenses of your publication. We have longstanding personal relationships with many of the manufacturers in many industries and these relationships include a library of more than 300 advertisements.

Call us TODAY and we can fully explain how you can benefit from a trade magazine produced by Three Marketiers. Don’t delay … your profits can begin and your sales can increase as soon as the project is printed.

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