Trade Shows

Trade Shows
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Trade Shows help to put company and product information into the hands of buyers, the public or the media. Making an impact at Trade Shows may begin with booth set-up and presentations, but the after-show reminders are most often left to the proper selection of Specialty Products handed out at the events.

What better way to make your appearance at a Trade Show pay off after the contact has returned home, than with a give-away with your contact information and company message on it?  Most major cities host hundreds of trade shows and events each year and your give-aways can take center stage and make your company one to remember when the attendees get back home. Give-aways with your company logo printed on them have become a true lynchpin to marketing success and name recognition. If you are looking for something ordinary or something extraordinary to put in the hands of potential customers, Three Marketiers can help design the Trade Show give-away item that is designed to increase your business.

Three Marketiers can supply you with signs for your display area and provide you with such Trade Show Giveaways as pens, coffee mugs and drinkware, T-shirts, golf shirts, baseball caps, hats, mousepads, flash drives, magnets, decals, clocks, tools, key chains, totes and duffel bags, golf balls, golf tees, umbrellas, and anything you can think of to set up at your table. Watch them take home your company literature in a tote bag with your logo on it, or send them back to their offices with your logo and company information printed, silk screened, etched or embroidered on your memorable Trade Show Giveaway.

And there are more items. If it can be worn, used, shown, stared at or imagined, we can put your logo on it and you can make your presence felt all around your market area.

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Virtual Samples

Would you like to see what you are ordering and creating before the item goes into production and before your customers see it? Three Marketiers can provide you with a virtual image of the item and email it back to you for your approval. A virtual sample is an image of the product with your logo or information on it, true to scale and appearance.